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A Generational Family Adventure

Let The Adventure Begin!

In this age of technology, are you looking for a fun tool
to spark meaningful conversations and build noble character
with the kids you love?

It's Simple as 1-2-3!

E njoy!

Read for entertainment…

Enjoy an adventure into uniqueness as Fluffull finds a great friend and discovers her destiny and purpose.

A ctivate!

Read again for education…

Activate noble character through fun activities and chocolate kisses, chapter-by-chapter, building a common vocabulary, and enjoying a Summit Celebration like no other!

T urbo-Charge!

Read a third time for transformation…

Turbo-Charge grandparent connections by sharing stories of struggle or success, chapter by chapter, to build a lasting legacy across the generations.

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Three time’s a charm!
“Fusing family connections with noble character”

Enjoy an Adventure!

Activate Noble Character!

Turbo-Charge Grandparent Connections!


Featuring comments, pics, videos and illustrations 😊


What are other children doing with Fluffull and her friends?


How are other parents helping their children build friendships, resilience and noble character?

Grandparents & Hero Mentors

How are trusted adults using their stories to influence and empower a child? 

A Fun Family Adventure

Fusing family connections with noble character!

Designed with the little ones in mind
so no one’s left behind

But with layers of depth and meaning
for every age to find!

Bunny on the Move!

Are you ready for some action?

Hot & Cold: Hide & Seek

Trek to the Summit

Step by Step


Start Today!

Enjoy an Adventure!

Become a great friend with identity and purpose.


or Super-charge the Experience

Build a legacy of family connections with noble character!



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