“I absolutely love this book for young children! The books had a great message that is important to instill at young ages. Start these conversations early and just imagine the positive outcome for this generation! The themes of kindness, acceptance, diversity and self-worth are prevalent in the story and the activities. Even if you don’t have young kids, these make beautiful gifts for baby showers, birthdays and holidays!”

Kim – Dallas, TX

“I am a teacher, working with children to bring joy and lessons of kindness to them. This book was so helpful as it introduced important values to the children. At home, the story really got my 7-year-olds thinking about how unique and special they are and the importance of treating others with kindness. They really got the message. To learn this lesson at such a young age is a true gift. I highly recommend this book.”

Jody – South Bend, IN

“As a single dad, it isn’t always the easiest for me to have spiritual discussions with my children. I have to admit that this book made me tear up on a couple of occasions! The story was great, and the discussion questions were actually easy to discuss!”

Robert – Durham, NC

“I have two special needs children, and am always looking for resources that are teaching Christian values and also entertaining. The Sociable Bunny story book and activity book were the perfect fit for my kiddos! They sat quietly while we read the story, and then they embraced the activities with energy and enthusiasm! We had so much fun playing hide-and-seek with the bunny, and they loved the chocolate kisses at the end. I’m so glad I found this book!”

Melody – San Diego, CA

“Love is Love. This book reminds kids that they are special because of their uniqueness. You can’t read this book without feeling love. Read this to your children before bedtime and send them off to be knowing they are loved and special. This is such a beautiful book for your child or to give as a gift. I love the story, and cannot wait for more to come. Makes a lovely baby shower gift too.”

Valerie – Riverside, CT

“After I finished reading this book with my children, I used it for a lesson in my children’s church! My kids and my church kids loved the story of the bunny! It was a great way to talk about God’s kindness and love, and how we must share it with others. I definitely recommend this book to anyone with kids as well as those who work with kids.”

Mike – Brookfield, WI

“We discovered that The Sociable Bunny is way too special to cram into our homeschool day, so we use it to make our Sundays special.  Will loves Bunny on the Move!  Dad hides the bunny and kisses before church. Will is excited to come home, find the bunny and paste the new word to his poster.  We read the short chapter together as a family.  Then I ponder the questions in the Hero Mentor Handbook while I fix lunch and Will starts his Activity Book.  We share our own stories as we eat.  Then I jot notes in my Handbook and Will is free to complete as many activities as he wants in the afternoon.  Sometimes his brother helps. It’s fun for the whole family. We’ll be a bit sad when the 18 Steps are finished!”

Glenda – Midland, MI