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I’m William and I’m ten years old and this is what I like about The Sociable Bunny.  I liked that I got to search for chocolates and a bunny.  How can you not like chocolate?  I liked the story.  It was really an adventure! I like how, as a family, we would sit at the table and talk.  My mom and dad would talk about stories from their childhood that matched this story.  And I learned that I can come to them and talk to them about anything at any time. I experienced a lot of bee stings in my heart this year. But I learned that I’m unique! And that’s a good thing!!  Today I’m a very happy boy!

William, Michigan

I’m Addison and I’m seven years old. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to read The Sociable Bunny by Ruth Wilkey. I read it with my grandma who lives in Michigan and it was so special to me that we read it together. We learned things like Empathy, Encouragement and Perseverance. I loved some of the activities that we also did. I would highly recommend The Sociable Bunny to everyone.  Happy reading!

Addison, Washington