Our Vision

This world can be harsh, lonely or scary for some children!
Our dream is to spread hope and light and love,
building resilience and empathy
in the hearts of children (and their families)
through purposeful conversations
and strong noble character.

As children practice each new character trait…

And create a positive atmosphere wherever they go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Sociable Bunny really work?

Based on our pilot of 120 families, we are confident that you and your family will be delighted with your adventure.

What is the targeted age group?

6-10 years old, although younger children enjoy being read to while adults relate to the bee stings of the heart.

How much time is expected from the parents?
  • Enjoy the Adventure!  (This 50-minute story is divided into two parts for shorter readings.)
  • Activate Noble Character (10 minutes per chapter. Your child can choose independent activities)
  • Turbo-Charge Grandparent Connections  (5-30 minutes per chapter, depending on attention span)
Can any caring adult be engaged in this adventure?

Absolutely, with the permission of the parent.

What outcome can you expect for your child?

A quick growth in self-awareness and deepened caring for others!