Our Team

Ruth Wilkey, Author

Ruth Manthei Wilkey lives with her Alaskan mountain- man husband and their furry dog friends in a cozy cottage in the woods of northern Michigan.

Ruth’s degree in Education equipped her to teach English, Spanish, Drama and Music before she embarked on a lengthy career of teaching piano from her in-home studio. She has enjoyed the pleasure of working with many fascinating children, developing young musicians into budding professionals who play for weddings and churches. Some have opened teaching studios of their own.

Ruth took a sabbatical to attend a writing course in Hawaii, where she was inspired to write “The Sociable Bunny”… the journey of her heart to bring light and love to the hearts of children.

Ruth loves nurturing the soul through stories and songs! She also enjoys hosting family and friends in her cozy cottage over great coffee and comfort food.

Special Note: This book would not be in your hands without the loving work of my partner, Jaqueline Correa, who created our bunnies and directed our illustrations to bring them to life. Jaqueline is an “encourager” and has become “a truly great friend.”

Jaqueline Correa

Jaqueline Correa was born in Brazil and graduated in Psychology from Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo.

Being passionate about people, she dedicated her life as a Human Resources professional into helping people develop their careers within big corporations. She worked for General Electric, ZARA and L’Oreal.

Feeling hollow inside and believing there must be more to life than building a career and traveling, Jaqueline set out on a quest to find that missing piece of true significance which could fulfill her in a way nothing else had.

Jaqueline’s quest led her to Hawaii, the Amazon, Switzerland, and finally Canada, where she met her husband and discovered her artistic and creative giftings! There she found the treasures her heart longed for: faith, family and her life’s real purpose.

Special Note: My delightful journey into the world of children’s books would not have happened without meeting my partner, Ruth Manthei Wilkey, whose book In His Majesty’s Service gave me “a new perspective” and I’m “watching the wonders unfold.”