The Story Behind the Story

Have you ever hit bottom?

It happened to me, after yet-another ugly breakup with a lovely man I thought I was going to marry. I sank into depression and lost my will to live. I cried out to God to just let me die.

And suddenly, I found myself on the adventure of my life! I was off to Hawaii… on a sabbatical from teaching… to attend a writing school under my favorite living author, Bodie Thoene. I planned to write our family story.

The school was called University of the Nations. Every week, a different lecturer would come from somewhere in the world and teach about different practical life topics. I learned about forgiving deeply from the heart. And asking forgiveness. And in the process, I remembered a traumatic experience I had as a seven-year-old. I didn’t know how to process it at the time, so I locked the pain in my heart and made a “bitter root judgment” that men could not be trusted. Then I followed it with a “vow” that I would never trust a man. And even though I forgot all about it as an adult, I lived it out for forty years. I sabotaged every relationship that looked like it might become serious. Without realizing it, I even thought that God could not be trusted with my heart.

That’s when an amazing thing happened. On the day we were going to start writing our books, my dear roommate brought me breakfast in bed and said, “Good morning Sociable Bunny!” At that moment, a children’s book flashed before my eyes. And the living intimate personal God of the Universe invited me into a whole new adventure. I had no walls in my heart against Aslan, the lion of Narnia. So God came to me as Aslan and, as I went for a walk every day, He gave me each new chapter of Let the Adventure Begin! It unfolded day by day as I wrote. I never knew what was going to happen next.

The most surprising chapter was The Fluffull Tree. I had no idea God might create something delightful just for me!! But He’s been doing it ever since and I’ve experienced the joy of watching the wonders unfold.

He led me out of depression into a world of light and love. He gave me a new purpose and destiny… to share that joy with the children of the world through The Sociable Bunny!

I have no idea how far it might go… but day by day, step by step, people are joining The Sociable Bunny Team and we’re enjoying the adventure of our lives! And now you’re invited too!!